All things Seddie… What an adorable couple!

Sam+Freddie=Seddie ~ Benson+Puckett=Benett

– iOMG – iLost My Mind – iDate Sam & Freddie – iCan’t Take It -iLove You – 

"'s scary putting your feelings out there..." - Freddie Benson (iOMG)

Welcome fellow Seddie fans!

As a visitor here at SeddieBenett’s Seddie Heaven you will find out everything you need to know about Seddie, as well as visiting‘Rob’s Reviews’ and the blogs, twitters, stories and artwork of other awesome Seddie fans who belong to the fandom that is Seddie.

Feel free to comment at your leisure, and if you have any questions or queries, do not hesitate to let us know via the ‘How to Improve’ tab.

As always, comments are very much appreciated. Any hateful or hurtful comments, WILL BE deleted.


Seddie Benett

-iOMG – iLost My Mind – iDate Sam & Freddie – iCan’t Take It -iLove You –


Comments on: "Sam+Freddie=Seddie ~ Benson+Puckett=Benett" (11)

  1. I must say, I really like this blog… Do you want me to feature it on my blog?

  2. Seddiemania said:

    nice blog 🙂 hope there will be more on it

  3. isa1200 said:

    like this blog 🙂

  4. i really like ur blog. and Seddie! they really are the cutest couple 🙂

  5. Hey. Awesome blog. I like so much. Congratulations 😉

  6. i love your blog its awesome!!!

  7. i love your blog its so cool!!

  8. TheWrtrInMe said:

    Hi! TheWrtrInMe here (from just thought I’d stop and show your blog some love.
    I like the post about respecting the celebrities. I am VERY against the current trend of invading the privacy of the iCarly cast (and celebrities in general). Good to see I’m not the only one.

    Good luck with the blog. Hope you get a chance to check mine out (

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